7 iPhone Apps for SEO on the Go!

I’m now the proud owner of an iPhone 4. Being my first iPhone I was curious to see if there were any apps available for SEO (apparently there’s an app for everything, right?), it turns out there are more than I expected. These apps make it possible to do just about anything on your phone that you would usually do on your computer. So, here are 7 great iPhone apps for SEO on the go.

SEO Audit – there’s an app for that.

SEO Audit iPhone appWebsite SEO Audit
While you wouldn’t use it to pitch to a customer, it does give a nice, quick overview of some important SEO factors – and it’s free! The Website SEO Audit app checks the following:
Google PageRank
Indexed Pages
Keyword, Title & Description Relevancy
Page Load Times
H1, H2, H3 and Image alt tags
XML Sitemaps
Google Analytics
Domain Age
W3C Compatibility
Server Location

Based on these SEO factors, the app then calculates your site’s SEO score – the value of such score is questionable, but some may find it useful. You can also check the rankings of your important keywords in Google.
Price: Free!

Search Engine Rankings monitoring – there’s an app for that.

Search Engine Rankings iphone appSEO Search Ranking
SEO Search Ranking allows you to monitor your websites’ search engine ranking (aka SERP) for unlimited amount of keywords. It’s basic but it works.

Key features:
Unlimited websites
Unlimited keywords
Country-specific search results
Multitasking – Continues to update your keyword ranking even when app is not active. (iOS 4 only)
History of your keywords’ positions displayed in a simple and nice graph.
Uses Google AJAX API, which allows unlimited usage. No fear of being blocked by Google like screen-scraping software will.
Color coded latest ranking. Green for improved ranking, red for decreased and black for unchanged. See at a glance your website’s overall keyword ranking position.
Supports only Google at the moment, with top 64 results (limitation of Google API)
Price: $2.49

Web Analytics – there’s an app for that.

analytics iphone appAnalytics App
Analytics App is one of many decent Analytics apps which give you access to your Google Analytics data from anywhere. Whether you have a spare minute at the park, or need to share some data during a meeting, this Analytics app puts your Google Analytics at your fingertips.

55 reports, showing data up to 100 rows!
More reports and data than any other Analytics app
Supports multiple logins (new!) and multiple accounts
View multiple metrics for most reports!
Dashboard report for a nice overview
Secure connection directly to Google
The now famous “Today” report that everyone wishes Google offered, and now a “Yesterday” report!
Customize your date range quickly and easily
Works on Wifi, 3G or Edge
Free updates!
Price: $6.99

Ego – Ego gives you one central—and lovely—location to check web statistics that matter to you. With support for Ember, Feedburner, Google Analytics, Mint, Squarespace, Tumblr, Twitter and Vimeo.
Analytics Pro – Finally a Google Analytics App that has all the features you want and need. Your data is presented in a useful and meaningful way rather than just listing the data like some other Apps.

Content Creation / Editing

html editor iphone appHTML Editor
While you wouldn’t want to be coding entire pages on your iphone, this app may come in handy for small edits and quick fixes.

View the source code of a webpage.
Dynamically search the source code.
Copy and paste source code.
Edit the source code with a bar for common keys for the type of file you’re in. For HTML, this includes < > / { } ” , and suggestions.
Change the user-client to “simulate” various devices.
E-mail composed files both as an attachment (Yay colors, and marquees)!
Save as HTML, CSS, or JS (or specify some extension)
Upload and download files via FTP.
Manage files with mass-move, mass-delete, renaming, and exporting.
Edit HTML files with local CSS files.
Go back and forward in the web browser.
Price: $5.99

ftp iphone appFTP on the Go
Out of the office and need to edit a file? Need to view the latest document on the server? Have to upload new photos when on location and don’t have an Internet connection on your laptop? FTP On The Go can do them all, and more. All the features of a desktop FTP client; a very powerful app.

Browse, upload, and download from your FTP server.
Download, edit a text file with the built-in editor, and re-upload your changes.
A built in web browser lets you see your changes without leaving FTP On The Go.
Find/Replace and Go To Line Number in the editor to make fixes fast.
Price: $8.99

network utility iphone appNetwork Utility
Stuck in an area away from your computer? But still need to check your website or server status? Network Utility allows you to check on your website or server status. With a variety of features, Network Utility is a handy tool providing terminal-like network tool support. Whether you’re a network professional or just a blogger, checking up on your server has never been so easy!

Main features:
Ping (ICMP Echo)
TCP/IP Port Scan
GeoIP lookup
Geotargeting with Google Maps
Whois Query
IP Address Information
Price: Free / Pro $1.19 (removes ads)

source view iphone appSource Viewer
Whether you are a web designer or just curious – this application is for you. Source Viewer shows the HTML, CSS and Javascript source code of any website. Handy for quickly troubleshooting on the go. This app has some advantages over some of the other source code apps – the code is colored, improving readability by leaps and bounds. Word-wrap can be toggled. You can also single out CSS, JS, and links.

Tags, keywords and CSS attributes are highlighted with a different color.
It extracts the links which are embedded into HTML and CSS so that they can be followed easily.
It collects all images from the HTML and CSS which can be viewed separately in a list and full screen.
save bookmarks
toggle word wrap
copy and paste code to clipboard
open the URL in the browser and send it by email
Price: $0.99

Let me know if you’ve found any other great SEO apps!

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