5 Tools for Advanced Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

If you’re only using the default Ads Manager interface to create and manage your Facebook ads, you’re doing it wrong. If you want to take your ads to the next level and leave your competitors in the dust, you need to be taking advantage of the following tools.

1. Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power EditorFirst, you need to know that Facebook Power Editor is currently only accessible via Google Chrome browser.

Fire up Chrome, then access Power Editor via the left side menu on the Ads Manager screen.

You should use Power Editor to create all of your ads going forward. Why? Because you have access to features not available via the default Ads Manager interface, including the ability to:

  • Target mobile devices only
  • Target mobile device by type
  • Target desktop only
  • Target custom, saved or lookalike audiences
  • Exclude audiences
  • Target additional demographics
  • Target ‘Facebook Categories’
  • Manually configure objectives and bids
  • Manually overwrite conversion spec
  • Duplicate ads
  • Duplicate entire campaigns
  • Import ads in bulk

Even if you only take advantage of one or two additional targeting options via Power Editor, you’re going to have an advantage over your competitors that are only using the default Ads Manager.

2. Conversion Tracking

conversion trackingConversion tracking allows you to measure how effective your Facebook advertising campaigns are. Once you have conversion tracking in place, which involves adding a snippet of code to your thank you page, you get detailed cost per conversion data in Facebook Ads Manager.

For example, if you have a retail website, you would setup conversion tracking for purchases. You can then split test campaigns and/or ads and find out which converts best.

Without Facebook Conversion tracking you can still calculate conversion data manually, assuming you’ve tagged all of your URLs. However, using the Facebook conversion pixel gives you access to using website conversions as a Facebook Ads bidding objective, giving you another bidding option to test.

3. Audiences

Facebook custom audienceAn audience is simply a list of users you want to target.

There are a number of options for creating your audiences, including uploading a custom data file, connecting to Mailchimp and uploading one of your mailing lists, or automatically adding users via an app that has Facebook SDK integrated.

If you have a mailing list you’ve been building for years, you can upload that list to Facebook and target that group of people specifically. This is a great audience to start out with as it typically results in high engagement / low cost. You can target audiences on Facebook to draw them back to your site, or to like your page.

Recently, Facebook has been rolling out one more option to create an audience, and that leads to our next tool…

4. Remarketing

Facebook RemarketingRemarketing is advertising to people who have visited your website. You can specifically target only people who have, or have not, completed an action on your site. For example you can target people who have previously made a purchase on your site, or target those who browsed your site but did not purchase during that visit.

While remarketing is actually part of tool #3, audiences, it is a new feature, and one powerful enough to justify its own section.

To remarket on Facebook you used to have to go through a third party, such as Perfect Audience or Adroll. Now, Facebook are rolling out website retargeting as an audience option, which is very awesome. Now, you have all of your Facebook advertising in one place and you have more control than through a third party.

To get started with remarketing you need to add some code Facebook will supply you to every page of your website. You then define rules which dictate which visitors to your site are added to each particular remarketing list.

For example, you might create one list to target people who made it to your checkout page, but didn’t purchase, in the last 7 days. Or you might target all visitors to your site in the last 30 days. The options you have with retargeting are only limited by your creativity.

The very first thing you need to get started with remarketing is to get the Facebook remarketing pixel implemented into your website code. You should do this ASAP to start building your remarketing audience.

5. Qwaya

QwayaQwaya is a third party tool, which requires a subscription. The cheapest plan is $99 US per month, but if you have a decent spend on Facebook, it’s a must have.

The single most important feature of Qwaya, in my opinion, is one that is strangely missing from Facebook, an ad scheduling tool. I can’t think of a valid reason (other than generating revenue) for Facebook not to allow you to define which hours, of which days your ads run. Any marketer worth their salt knows that certain days and times of days can be dead zones for conversions.

If you want to control when your ads are displayed, and don’t want to rely on manually turning them off and on, you’re going to need a third party tool.

Qwaya also features a number of other very awesome tools for serious advertisers. Including a true split-testing tool (Facebook decides on a winner extremely quickly, sometimes not really testing challengers) lots of automation options, and an ad creation tool set, which can set up a huge number of campaigns / ads with different targeting very easily.


That’s my list of tools to take your Facebook advertising to the next level. Let me know if you use any tools you recommend to crush it on Facebook, in the comments below.


  1. Eric Kinney   •  

    Thanks David, great tip on the value of Quaya – I’m currently in a trial and I was trying to find what I couldn’t live without, and you sone a spotlight on a great reason to keep it 🙂

    I do have a request, please show the year on your posts. I had to hover over the featured image to assure myself this post was from 2014 – things get old so fast in this space!

    What I feel I am lacking for tools is a great way to visualize ad effectiveness. For example a graph showing diminishing reach as time goes on, or something that’s able to bubble the winners to the top. I am new enough to Facebook marketing that I can’t tell you what I want/need to see, but thinking someone somewhere has it figured out. Maybe a graph showing increasing returns on lower spend, and finding the optimum spend based on profit per conversion. That would require auto-adjusting the spend within a range over time to detect the differences if any, as well as knowing my margins, so that’s a complicated but fun one. Anyway, if you know of anything out there, even as an excel spreadsheet style analysis tool, would love to hear about it.

    • David ODonnell   •     Author

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Re Facebook Ads tools, have a look at AdEspresso.com – they have a similar feature set to Qwaya, but better visual reports. You can see CTR / Conv data dropping off really quickly for example. Their reports can tell you which part of your ad test play the biggest role, header / image / description etc.

      My only complaint is that once you’re dealing with very high FB ad spend (over 25k per month), AdEspresso’s fees get steep.

      They have a free trial so so check them out for yourself!


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