Link Building Services Spam: Now in Postcard Form!

I recieved a nice postcard today. I wondered, do I have a friend or relative on holiday in the Philippines?

Postcard link spam

Nope. Turns out it was just spam from a link building service provider, offering “100 free HANDMADE backlinks.

But nice one spammer, I actually read your postcard which is further than most ‘traditional’ email spammers get – if their messages get past the spam filters, I mark them as spam and delete on sight.

So, nice try, Aileen. But still, no thanks.

DIY SEO: Link Building

Welcome to Part 4 of the free do-it-yourself SEO Guide. In this guide we’ll cover how links improve search engine rankings, what qualities make a great link and how to get them.

Link Building Theory
Why Are Links Important?
Page Rank
No Follow / Do Follow
What Defines a Quality Link?
Link Building Practice
How Many Links Do I Have & Who Links To Me?
Link Building Tips
Where Can I Find New Links?

Search engines place a lot of weight when ranking websites on their incoming link profile – the links that point to your site. You can build a website full of great content, but without some link love you may never receive a visitor from a search engine.

Why Are Links Important?
Link building has been an important part of search engine optimisation since Google introduced a link analysis algorithm as a major factor in ranking pages. Much has evolved in the algorithm and there are reportedly around 200 factors that Google considers when ranking a page, but it is well know that links are still a heavily weighted factor.
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