Book Report: Leadership & The One Minute Manager

Leadership and the One Minute ManagerAs part of an ongoing leadership development course a couple of us are part of at work, we’re growing a little library of management / leadership resources. The first book suggested to me was Leadership & The One Minute Manager: Increase Effectiveness By Being A Good Leader by Ken Blanchard, Patricia Zigarmi and Drea Zigarmi.

The book reads like a fictional story, our protagonist, ‘The entrepenour’ is on a mission to learn how to make her people work as hard as she does. She calls and arranges to meet ‘The One Minute Manager’ who offers to teach her to train her people using situational leadership. This story style is refreshing considering most management books are typically quite dry and formally written.

The premise of the book is for a long time people thought there were only two leadership styles, autocratic and democratic. Leadership & The One Minute Manager introduces four basic styles of leadership, made up of supportive and directive behaviours, that are applied situationally. The styles are used situationally because people are not typically at the same development level for every aspect of their job.
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