The 7 Deadly Online Marketing Sins

online marketing sins

Having completed innumerous website and online marketing audits over the years, I’ve noticed many small to medium businesses facing similar issues, commonly neglecting important marketing methods that they should, and could easily be taking advantage of. Here I detail the top seven neglected aspects of online marketing, each with its own common set of issues. Your mission: take note of the issues effecting your site and start working on them to increase your traffic, leads, or sales. Continue reading…

26 Online Marketing Ideas for RedBubble


RedBubble is one of my favorite websites. I spend a lot of time browsing the awesome range of designs available in any niche you can imagine. But, every now and then I find myself thinking, hey, they should try this, or that. So, I’ve collated all of those ideas. They are pretty much just in bullet point / short sentence format, but hey, I just wanted to get it all down.

Yo, @RedBubble, you may, or may not already be making use of a number of these tactics, but if you find something useful in the mix, high five!
Continue reading…

Diversifying Traffic Sources for Long Term Success

diversifying traffic sources

Talk to any experienced investor or wealth creation expert, they’ll tell you the key to long term success is to diversify your investments. When it comes to building traffic to a website, diversification is not only a smart investment, it may be critical to your success.

Why Diversify?

Many websites rely on one source to provide the majority of the visitors to their site, often that source is Google. Google is currently the clear front-runner in search engine referrals and provided a rich, flowing source of traffic for many years, but there’s no reason to limit yourself to one source. Many websites have actually noticed a decline in traffic from Google and there are a number of reasons why. Continue reading…