20 SEO & SEM Interview Questions

seo interview questions

I was recently tasked with coming up with some questions to put to the next search team hire. Below are the 10 SEO, and 10 SEM questions I thought would be interesting to put to a prospective agency hire.

I believe equally as import as the answer themselves, are how well they are explained. I’m considering how well the person can explain complex in layman’s terms, how well they can educate, and get client buy-in on new ideas.

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Key Takeaways from Google Engage Enhanced Campaigns Bootcamp

On July 2, I attended the Google Engage Bootcamp on Enhanced Campaigns, presented by Google training provider, Loves Data. In this post I cover what I consider to be the key takeaways from the presentation.

The Role of Mobile

multiple path purchase

90% of users use multiple devices to sequentially accomplish task over time.
Consumers take a multi-device path to purchase, with 65% starting on a smart-phone, 61% continuing on PC/Laptop

If you’re not already, you might now consider testing mobile campaigns, despite the fact they don’t convert as high, they may in-fact contribute to an increase in conversions on desktops.
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Introduction to Google Adwords Presentation

I was recently tasked with giving the account managers at Sumo an overview of Google Adwords, to help make them more familiar with the Adwords platform and it’s offerings. While I didn’t record the live presentation, I have made the slide deck available on SlideShare: