How to Learn SEO

how to learn seo

Want to get a job in the exciting, fast paced, super-growth industry of online marketing?

No, this isn’t a pitch for a ten thousand dollar digital marketing course which teaches outdated techniques and awards you with a shiny certificate you can print at home and present to potential employees.

This is my legitimate attempt at providing some advice and guidance to those looking to start a career in digital marketing.

The truth is, there is a major shortage of SEO/SEM talent in Australia. There are new jobs posted on Seek every week but no-one to fill them. I know this is a real dilemma for employers, having gone through the process of hiring new team members multiple times over the years.

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20 SEO & SEM Interview Questions

seo interview questions

I was recently tasked with coming up with some questions to put to the next search team hire. Below are the 10 SEO, and 10 SEM questions I thought would be interesting to put to a prospective agency hire.

I believe equally as import as the answer themselves, are how well they are explained. I’m considering how well the person can explain complex in layman’s terms, how well they can educate, and get client buy-in on new ideas.

Whether you’re brushing-up for an upcomming job interview, or are looking for some insightful questions to put to your interviewee, hopefully these might be of use to you. Continue reading…

SEO Hierarchy of Needs AKA the SEO Pyramid

This week I was tasked with giving an overview of SEO as part of an induction to a number of new employees. To aid in presenting the information I decided to use one of the SEO pyramid graphics I’d seen online. After reviewing a number of them I decided I needed to create my own to accurately portray the particular methodology I employ. So, I knocked up a quick SEO pyramid graphic (the pyramid in the infographic below) for the presentation.

Later, I thought about how else I could use the graphic, the obvious answer was to build out an infogaphic around it. This was my first attempt at an infographic so things can only get better, right?

(click for full size)

SEO Pyramid 2013

Embed THE SEO Hierarchy of Needs on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below

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Why Don’t You Rank For (insert keyword)?

the dark side

July 2013 update: The website I discuss in this article no long ranks #1 😉

If you’re so great, why don’t you rank for SEO Perth?

I used to run into questions like that quite a bit when I worked at a dedicated SEO services company. I recall whispering “serenity now!” under my breath, taking a deep breath, and enlightening dear prospect.

The truth of the matter, in my experience, is typically twofold;

1. SEO Companies Infamously Neglect Their Own Sites

Often because we’re too busy focusing on paying client work. I think we’ve justified it in the past to some extent because SEO is the type of service where the best leads come via referral. Having someone vouch for your services provides instant credibility. That is no excuse of course, and I firmly believe all SEO companies should drink the Kool-Aid.

2. The Dark Side

SEO keyword rankings for phrases such as; ‘SEO (location)’, ‘SEO services (location)’ and ‘SEO company (location)’ are some of the most obsessed-over and spammy online. The bragging rights of being able to demonstrate to potential clients that you practice what you preach is too much for the common SEO to resist, leading to a dark, downward spiral of reckless abandon!

Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.

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Is Google Anti-SEO?

Does Google Hate SEO's?

It seems to be quite commonly believed that search engines are anti-SEO and hold those that call them selves SEO’s in comtempt. While I would agree that search engines hate spammy, low quality websites and attempts to manipulate search engine rankings using nefarious methods – I would argue that search engines actually value websites that are optimised for the right reasons, in accordance with their guide lines.

Why? Because it makes it easier for them to categorise and value websites.

It’s quite easy to see this is true, and just as easy to learn how to stay on their good side when Google has gone to the lengths of producing an official SEO guide, as well as many videos and blog posts over the years.

There are hundreds of ranking factors, but very broadly, here are some major factors that I believe Google, and other search engines love and hate. Continue reading…

Reasons Not to Use

Recently I’ve had two acquaintances contact me to give them some feedback on their websites. After looking into the first website, I quickly came to the conclusion that the online website builder and host they were using was detrimental to securing decent search engine rankings.

The service ignored the most basic fundamentals of search engine optimisation. When the second person came to me, I noticed they were using the same service and realised that it must be somewhat popular. The service I’m referring to is call Wix and they claim to currently host over 6 million websites!

Wix is NOT Search Engine Friendly

What? They are actually advertising that they are search engine friendly? Is this not paramount to false advertisement? Not only would I describe’s website creator and hosting service as not search engine friendly, I would suggest it is actually quite search engine unfriendly.

I can see the appeal of the service, it actually makes creating a website from scratch easy enough for most people to be able to produce something presentable, in little time. But the trouble comes when they expect search engine traffic.

Fist let me clarify, I’m describing Wix’s premium paid service in this post. I can’t imagine anyone half serious about their business or website using the free service, as you cannot use your own domain name and the free version plasters your site in wix ads.

So, what exactly makes Wix websites so search engine unfriendly? Continue reading…

7 iPhone Apps for SEO on the Go!

I’m now the proud owner of an iPhone 4. Being my first iPhone I was curious to see if there were any apps available for SEO (apparently there’s an app for everything, right?), it turns out there are more than I expected. These apps make it possible to do just about anything on your phone that you would usually do on your computer. So, here are 7 great iPhone apps for SEO on the go. Continue reading…

DIY SEO: Website Optimisation

Welcome to Part 3 of the free do-it-yourself SEO Guide. In this guide we’ll use the keyword research conducted previously to optimise the pages of your website.

In the final stages of the keyword research exercise you mapped keywords to the relevant pages of your site. Now we’ll go over where and how to optimise the pages of your site for it’s keywords.

On-Page Factors
Page Titles
Description Meta Tag
Keywords Meta Tag
Image Alt Tags
An Illustrated Example
Site-Wide Factors
Menu & Navigation Links
Consistent Linking

You’ll need to be able to edit the code of your web pages. If your website is built with a content management system you will need to login to your CMS, hopefully there will be an option to edit the source code – or at the least edit the title tags, copy and image properties.
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DIY SEO: Website Appraisal

Website Appraisal – Is your foundation SEO Friendly?

Welcome to Part 1 of the free do-it-yourself SEO Guide. We’ll start by taking a look over your site and flagging some issues that may have a negative affect on your efforts. We’ll be looking for common issues that can potentially adversely affect search engine rankings. Some of these are technical issues, some are web design issues and others are things you may have done based on bad advice.

Splash Pages
URL Structure
Search Engine Terms
Black Hat SEO and Spam
Benchmark: Pages Indexed
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Do It Yourself SEO Guide

Every website can benefit from search engine optimisation. Want targeted traffic from the search engines? Of course you do, if you’re not getting that search engine traffic, your competitors are. However, not every business can afford to hire an SEO firm to do the work them.

To this end I am writing a free do-it-yourself SEO guide, specifically for small business and individuals. I’ll walk you through how to conduct in depth keyword research, discovering the best keywords for your product/service/offer. How to optimise your site to rank for those keywords – to get free, targeted traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing. And I’ll show you how to build powerful, relevant incoming links to your website to outrank your competitors.

I’ll keep it simple and straight forward, while including everything you need to succeed. Best of all, I’ll show you how to do it without spending a cent, using free tools and expert knowledge.

Part 1: Website Appraisal
Part 2: Keyword Research
Part 3: Website Optimisation
Part 4: Link Building
Part 5: Measuring Progress