Better Raven Tools Reports

Raven Tools

I received an email from Jon Henshaw from Raven Tools today, as I assume every other Raven Tools user did. The subject line, Better Raven Reports. The email was a request to complete a short survey, and provide some feedback on their reporting tool.

Obviously Google’s recent move to 100% (not provided) keywords has had a major effect on how we report to clients. Keyword level data was part of most of the report we included – branded vs non-branded search traffic, converting keywords by goal etc. So, Raven appear to be taking up the challenge of improving reports in the post-keyword era, and I’m looking forward to see what they come up with.

I think Raven Tools is a pretty amazing product, but I’ve always felt the reporting tool was lacking. The guys at Raven seem to add a ton of new features all the time, but I wish they would focus more on improving the existing, core feature set.

The ability to streamline and at least partial automate reporting is one of the most valuable features of Raven Tools. Unfortunately, the tool has never been up to scratch (in both my personal opinion, as well as not being able to customise it to be inline with agency style guides) to present to a client.

Here are the few things I mentioned in my feedback:
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