DIY SEO: Measuring Progress

Welcome to the final installment of the free do-it-yourself SEO Guide. This episode will focus on measuring your progress, how to gain insight from your stats, and acting on those insights.

By now you should know that search engine optimisation is an iterative process, part of that process includes reviewing the success of your past action to plan future action. To see exactly what impact search engine optimisation has on your site, you need to measure certain data on a regular basis. There are three main areas to measure month after month to keep you on the right track. They are:

Web Analytics: who visited your site, where did they come from and what did they do?
Search Engine Rankings: are you gaining or losing ground for important keywords in the search engine results pages?
Links: is your link profile growing? Where are your links coming from? Are your link building efforts successful?

Web Analytics
Search Engine Referrals
Top Landing Pages
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Tracking Search Engine Rankings
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