Online Marketing Service Review

Anyone that enters into an SEO contract hopes their provider is actually doing what is promised in their agreement – working hard to get results, using techniques inline with search engine terms of service.

But how do you know what your provider is actually doing?

Many sites were recently penalised (removed from Google search results) because they had good faith in their provider, but had no idea of the dodgy techniques their providers were using to ‘optimise’ their site.

The sites penalised lost their organic traffic overnight. Some went out of business. Some had to start from scratch with a new domain.

And it’s not just the little SEO providers that were caught up in this mess. Some very large, nation-wide web design / online marketing agencies were also using ‘black hat’ or spammy methods, because, well, everyone was doing it… and it worked… for a while.

That was until Google rolled out their ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’ search algorithm updates, and started handing out automatic, and manual penalties.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way for you to determine if the techniques your provider is using are above board, if they’ll actually get results, or if they are even doing anything… until now.

I’ve spent a lot of time cleaning up other company’s bad work. Work that has ended in penalties to businesses that had good faith in their provider.

I’m sick of seeing business get burned by ‘SEO companies’ that use a one size fits all, churn and burn approach to optimisation.

And, I’m over cleaning up other SEO’s messes. Quite frankly, penalty recovery is hard, uninteresting work.

I’d rather help businesses avoid penalisation, and low quality providers in the first place.

How do I plan to do this?

I’m glad you asked.

I’m offering free Online Marketing Service Reviews to small businesses who want to know if they are getting good value for money from their existing SEO agreement.

I will help you understand exactly what your provider is actually doing, whether it’s above board, and whether you’re getting ripped off or flirting with penalisation.

  • Want to know if you’re getting ripped off?
  • Want to know if your existing provider is actually doing anything from month to month?
  • Want to know if your provider is potentially endangering your site by using unsavory optimisation methods?
  • Or maybe you just want peace of mind in knowing that your provider is actually as awesome as you thought they were.

I can help, with a free, independent review of your SEO or proposal/s.

Want me to take a look at your agreement, reports, or proposals? Get in touch.