Inbound Marketing University

Update: April 2013, Inbound Marketing University has been retired. But checkout Hubspots new education initiative, Hubspot Academy.

Want a free education in Inbound Marketing tactics from some of today’s top marketers?

Hubspot offered exactly that in June, and will be opening their free course up again in August.

The classes are delivered by live streaming video as a voice/slide presentation and are archived after the event to watch at any time. They are typically 40 minutes to an hour long, including a short Q & A session at the end of each.

The topics covered include:
How to Blog Effectively for Business
SEO Crash Course to Get Found
Social Media and Building Community
Successful Business Uses for Facebook and LinkedIn
Viral Marketing and World Wide Raves
Advanced SEO Tactics: On Beyond Keyword Research
Calls to Action and Landing Page Best Practices
Inbound Lead Nurturing
Successful Email Marketing
Analyzing Inbound Marketing

I must admit that most of it felt like I was just brushing up on subjects I am pretty well versed in. However, I think this course would be a real asset to people starting out in internet marketing and small businesses going down the do-it-yourself route.

When you consider the professors include experts such as Lee Odden, Chris Brogan, David Meerman Scott and Rand Fishkin – you are pretty much guaranteed useful, actionable advice.

Did I mention the course is free?
Well, there is an up-sell to their inbound marketing software, but there is no pressure sell, the courses isn’t focus on it, and it isn’t really pitched till the end – and judging from the demo video the software looks pretty decent. Whether you go for it depends on what existing software/system you have in place and your budget.

At the end of the course you have the option of taking an exam, I did and passed earning a shiny Inbound Marketing Certified Professional Badge.

I’m told the pass rate was approximately 50% of about 1,000 that sat the exam. I passed with Honors Distinction, defined as: ‘awarded to graduates with an exceptional understanding of inbound marketing. The top 15% of exam takers with a 90% score or higher receive this honor.’

If this sounds like something that would be valuable to you, keep an eye out here for the next course dates:

Inbound Marketing University now includes the following new courses:
PR for Inbound Marketing with Todd Defren
Twitter for Business with Laura Fitton
Advanced Marketing Analytics with Avinash Kaushik
Passion-Inspired Video & Other Creative Content with Gary Vaynerchuk
Internet Marketing Comprehensive Review with Mitch Joel
Social Media for Big Business with Paula Berg

How awesome is that!

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