Is Google Anti-SEO?

Does Google Hate SEO's?

It seems to be quite commonly believed that search engines are anti-SEO and hold those that call them selves SEO’s in comtempt. While I would agree that search engines hate spammy, low quality websites and attempts to manipulate search engine rankings using nefarious methods – I would argue that search engines actually value websites that are optimised for the right reasons, in accordance with their guide lines.

Why? Because it makes it easier for them to categorise and value websites.

It’s quite easy to see this is true, and just as easy to learn how to stay on their good side when Google has gone to the lengths of producing an official SEO guide, as well as many videos and blog posts over the years.

There are hundreds of ranking factors, but very broadly, here are some major factors that I believe Google, and other search engines love and hate.

Search Engines Appreciate:

  • Good site structure
  • Sites that load quickly
  • Quality, unique content
  • Quality over quantity in links

In contrast Search Engine do no appreciate:

  • Keyword repetition
  • Low quality content
  • Duplicate content
  • Low quality links
  • Downtime, errors, broken links / images etc

It’s no coincidence that optisimising a website for the factors in the Search Engines Appreciate category above will have a positive effect for the users that visit your site. The fact is that search engines don’t want people trying to optimise specifically for bots. When people try to, they typically end up over doing it, their content becomes spammy and not well written for human consumption.

By improving the fundamentals of your site, which improve the user experience, you also send signals to the search engines about the quality of your website. These signals are used in ranking sites in search engine results. The end result is a a win-win and compounding interest situation. You create a better website that facilitates a better user experience, and in turn the search engines are more likely to rank your site higher.

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