5 Easy Keyword Research Hacks for New Content Ideas

keyword research

Ever since Google dropped a giant penguin shaped bomb earlier this year, content marketing has been all the rage. But what if you’re in a rather dry or relatively dull niche that doesn’t lend itself well to blog posts or articles? Maybe you think you’ve exhausted all of the good content ideas for your topic, or perhaps you’re looking for a more tactical approach to researching new ideas for content creation. Whatever the case, the following 5 tips will reveal a veritable feast of fresh content ideas that people are actually searching for to keep you busy for the foreseeable future!

1. Google Suggest

Google suggest works by revealing the most popular searches people enter based on the keywords you enter.

Step one: Go to Google
Step two: Start typing in your product or service
Step three: Stop! Let Google suggest do the rest

google search suggest

Want to kick it up a notch, try entering questions like: ‘how to’, ‘why do’, ‘how does’ etc

google suggest keyword research

Bam! There’s a bunch of topics for you.

2. Google Related Searches

Google Related Searches give you a good idea of the terms Google thinks are related to your search query. You might consider branching out into these themes with new posts.

Step one: Go to Google, enter your keyword and this time search.
Step two: From the left sidebar click on ‘More search tools’
Step three: Again from the left menu, click ‘Related searches’
Step four: Review results

Google Related Searches

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free keyword suggestion tool that utilises Google Suggest as well as a number of other keyword suggestion tools. You can tailor your searches to a particular country and language as well as search either web, image, news, video or shopping results.

Enter a keyword you want suggestions on, select your filters and Ubersuggest does the rest. It’ll return the keywords you entered and break down results alphabetically.



Suggestions, much?

4. Wordtracker Keyword Questions

Wordtracker is a keyword tool that has been around for a very long time. They have a nifty tool called Keyword Questions. There aren’t any filters or options available, and the results can be questionable at times. But, it may dig up a gem or two for you. You simply enter your keyword and click search.

Wordtracker Keyword Questions

5. Quora

Quora is a question and answers site, unlike Yahoo Questions it is filled with great questions and quality answers.

Quora actually provides two great ways to find content ideas. One is the search suggest feature, which works similarly to Google’s, the other is Quora’s search results, made up of questions real people have asked. And as a bonus, most questions have been answered, so you have a measuring stick in the kind of content you’ll need to provide and improve on.

Quaora search suggest:

Quaora search suggestions

Quora search results:

Quora search results

All you need to do now is answer the questions (write awesome content, don’t half-ass it!) and you’ll have content people actively looking for!

Note: This post was originally published to the Resonance Online blog here.

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