SEO Hierarchy of Needs AKA the SEO Pyramid

This week I was tasked with giving an overview of SEO as part of an induction to a number of new employees. To aid in presenting the information I decided to use one of the SEO pyramid graphics I’d seen online. After reviewing a number of them I decided I needed to create my own to accurately portray the particular methodology I employ. So, I knocked up a quick SEO pyramid graphic (the pyramid in the infographic below) for the presentation.

Later, I thought about how else I could use the graphic, the obvious answer was to build out an infogaphic around it. This was my first attempt at an infographic so things can only get better, right?

(click for full size)

SEO Pyramid 2013

Embed THE SEO Hierarchy of Needs on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below

In 1943, psychologist Abraham Maslow proposed
a hierarchy of needs in which one must satisfy
lower level basic needs before progressing on to
reach the highest level.

The parallels of how a hierarchy of needs can be
utilised as a framework to optimise web properties
in 2013 should be apparent. Let’s take a look at
the ‘SEO pyramid!’

First, make sure search engines can crawl & index the site.
Conduct regular audits looking for issues such as; duplicate
content / canonicalisation, redirects, 404s, etc. Also
Consider cross-device and site speed performance.

Next, make sure your content is awesome. Good enough is
not good enough – it must be unique and useful. Apply
some good old fashioned optimisation; title & meta tags,
H1, text, image alt tags, internal anchor text etc.

Then, work on building your authority. Consider writing for
other blogs or online communities in your niche. Get listed
in high quality, local and niche directories. Check your rep
by searching for your business and product names.

Be present on social sites where your target customers
participate. Have an active presence and respond to
mentions and messages. Make sure your profiles are
optimised and consistent across networks.

Prioritise your optimisation work by impact. Make sure you
have the basics covered (your site is crawlable, right?)
before moving on to lower impact tasks.

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