Your Burning Google Questions Answered!

You’ve noticed Google search suggest, right? It’s Google’s autocomplete algorithm that offers searches in real-time when you being typing your search query. Sometimes the suggestions are similar to what you may have been typing, often they can be actually quite bizarre, mostly I find it annoying because it seems to accidentally autocomplete my query changing it from what I intended to search for. Anyway, out of curiosity I started typing ‘is Google’ to see what would be suggested…
your Google questions answeredInteresting, right? It seems like a lot of people are searching for the answers to questions like, is Google gay? Is Google evil? Is Google God? Well, someone had to step up and answers these questions, once and for all.

Is Google a number?
No. However, the name Google is actually a misspelling of the number ‘googol’ which is a number. Googol is the number one followed by one hundred zeros. Not I’m not going to demonstrate.

Is Google making us stupid?
Interesting question. One could argue yes because there is less reason for people to retain information when they can simply ‘Google it.’ One could argue no because it has helped simplify our access to information, facilitating sharing and learning of knowledge.

Is Google god?

Is Google gay?
Technically, a Company / search engine does not have a sexual orientation / preference.

Is Google Earth live?
Yes, Google is watching us all, 24/7. So I guess Google IS God.
No, Google earth is not live. Google maps the Earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery and aerial photography.

Is Google Chrome good?
Yes, it’s awesome. It’s super fast and allows searching from the address bar, among other things.
Check it out:

Is Google Earth free?
Yes. However, it is also availabe for commercial use as Google Earth Pro for $399 per year.

Is Google voice in Australia?
Not as a full release, but you can use Google Voice from within your Gmail account to make free calls.

Is Google Analytics free?

Is Google evil?
That’s a matter of opinion.
What do you think?

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