Improve Local SEO Rankings with SEMrush Listing Management Tool

Great news fellow Australians, SEMrush’s Listing Management tool is now available for us! Yes, luckily for us, we’re only the second country added with the availability to manage local listing through their platform!

The Listing Management tool allows you to:

  • Check if all of your business listings are correct and consistent
  • Distribute your business data to the most authoritative directories
  • Easily edit information across all directories at once

Check out the SEMRush listing management tool here for free:


Today we’re having a look at the newly available to Australia, SEMrush listing management tool.

What this tool will do for us is check any existing listings we have across the internet to make sure they’re consistent, and also suggest some places we can add our listing if ti’s not already there.

The first step is to add in some details for the business you want to look up.

You can see it checking the sites and populating the results.

Initially we can see inconsistencies in the business name, ideally we want them all to be the same.

The results also show inconsistencies in the address, which we can also fix.

The other thing we can do is look for listing issues, incomplete business, missing addresses and phone number data for example.

We can also look at which sites we are not present it and put a list together a list of sites we can be added to.

You can track listings over time. Making sure you listings are accurate and complete will help your rankings over time as Google loves that. Additionally adding your site to more directories will help drive traffic to your business.

You can then export a CSV file to begin working through your list and reap then benefits.

Check out the SEMRush listing management tool here for free.

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