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Connect with Customers at the Moment of Search: Unlock the Power of Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising leverages the power of Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and Microsoft Bing Ads to position your brand front and center of your target audience’s relevant search queries. Online advertising offers unmatched potential for actively promoting your brand, service or product to your ideal customer. The potential for laser targeting with digital advertising is unparalleled, from geographic and demographic, to interest based, purchase history, and re-targeting those who have previously visited your site.

How else can you target users actively looking for what you offer? You define who, when, where, why, and how – and only pay when someone takes a desired action.

However, the platforms that make online advertising possible are constantly changing and rolling out new features. If you can’t keep up with the speed of change you risk wasting time and money.

It all starts with a discovery call. Our process kicks off with a detailed consultation. This initial discussion is crucial for understanding your advertising goals, target audience, and budget constraints, setting the stage for a custom online advertising strategy. tarting with a deep dive into your business, we’ll develop a comprehensive advertising strategy that aligns with your objectives, whether it’s increasing leads, boosting sales, or enhancing brand awareness.

Before you spend a cent we align on strategy including:

Setting Objectives: Goal setting is the compass that guides our strategy. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, boosting lead generation, improving sales or enhancing conversion rates, we’ll define objectives that align with your overarching business goals.

Keyword Research and Selection: The foundation of effective search ads begins with selecting the right keywords. Through meticulous research, we’ll identify high-intent keywords that connect your ads with your ideal customers.

Targeting and Bid Management: Precision in targeting and smart bid strategies are crucial for maximising ROI. We’ll fine-tune your campaigns to target specific demographics, locations, and user behaviors, ensuring your budget is spent efficiently.

Creative Development: Crafting compelling ad copy and creative that resonates with your target audience is key. Creative should not only capture attention but also inspire action.

Tracking and Analysis: Your campaigns will be setup to continually optimise towards your objectives. Ongoing analysis enables iterative optimisation and better performance.

My Search Engine Advertising Framework:

search advertising process

Why Partner with Me for Google Ads management?

  • Custom Campaigns: Recognising the unique aspects of your business, I offer customised advertising solutions designed to meet your specific goals.
  • Experience and Expertise: With extensive experience in both Google Ads and Microsoft Bing Ads, I bring a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to your campaigns.
  • Certification: I am a Google Ads and Microsoft Bing Ads certified expert.
  • Collaborative Approach: I work closely with you to ensure every aspect of your advertising strategy reflects your business objectives and budget.

The types of online advertising campaigns I can help you with with Google Ads include:

  • Search Ads – Advertising on search engines, such as Google Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads.
  • Display Ads – Banner advertising on content sites, blogs, news sites.
  • Shopping Ads – Products ads in search results for e-commerce businesses.
  • Video Ads – Video ads displayed on sites like YouTube and social media.
  • Mobile Ads – Advertising within mobile apps, games, videos.
  • Remarketing – Displaying ads to visitors who have been to your site previously.

If you’d like to know more or discuss advertising for your site, get in touch today.


How much does search engine advertising cost?

It really depends on the market you’re operating in as costs vary greatly depending on how competitive it is. Cost per click can range from a couple of cents, to tens of dollars. I can make specific recommendations by understanding your business and considering your pricing, costs, profit, competition etc. There are a lot of factors to consider, however it’s relatively simple to calculate cost per sale / cost per lead values with these figures.

Keep in mind there are effectively two costs if you are not managing campaigns yourself. The first is the cost you pay to the advertising platform, this is usually debited from a credit card you save in the platform – if you start spending big bucks you can move to an invoicing model. The second is the cost you pay to the agency or freelancer running your campaigns. This is typically a flat fee per month based on a number of management hours, or a percentage of ad spend.

In my experience if you have the budget to spend a decent amount on advertising, the cost to have a professional manage your campaigns very quickly generates a positive return. Why? Because there are so many settings, campaign types, audience targeting options, tracking factors, keyword types, not to mention the constant changes, that really benefits from being managed by a professional who is knee deep in the platforms every day.

What is included in a search engine advertising service?

A search engine advertising service encompasses strategic campaign development, keyword research, ad creation, targeting and bid management, and performance analysis, all tailored to leverage Google Ads and Microsoft Bing Ads effectively. This service aims to increase your online visibility, drive relevant traffic, and achieve your specific business objectives through paid search advertising.

How do you tailor advertising campaigns for different types of businesses?

Every business has unique goals and challenges, which means customised campaigns are essential. I start by understanding your business, followed by detailed keyword research, targeted ad creation, and precise campaign settings. Ongoing collaboration ensures campaigns are continually optimised to meet your evolving needs and objectives.

How do you ensure the advertising strategy aligns with our goals?

An in-depth initial consultation and regular communication are key to aligning strategy with your business goals. By understanding your objectives and continuously monitoring campaign performance, I ensure that your search engine advertising efforts are directly contributing to your business’s success.

How do we track the success of our advertising campaigns?

Success metrics are established at the outset, with campaign performance monitored through the advertising platform and your web analytics. This includes tracking conversions, click-through rates, cost per acquisition, return on investment / ad spend, among other metrics, allowing us to make data-driven decisions for ongoing campaign optimisation. You’ll have access to real-time reporting and always have full access to any advertising platform and analytics tools used – those accounts remain yours.

Ready to amplify your brand’s presence on search engines?

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