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Rank Higher and Increase Organic Traffic with a Data-Driven Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

SEO is often thought of as a way to generate ‘free search engine traffic’. In reality, a lot of work goes into optimising a site before it is even considered ‘search engine friendly’ and deserving of consideration by search engines. Many websites depend on organic traffic, it may make up 30%, 40%, 50% of their total traffic or more, and in this super-competitive landscape outranking your competitors can be the difference between winning, or being left in the dust.

Search engine optimisation isn’t easy, there isn’t a one-size fits all approach – there are hundreds of factors to take into consideration, and the weighting of those factors shift constantly. It goes without saying, for SEO, you need to partner with someone who knows their stuff and has a proven track record.

I’m a seasoned search engine optimisation expert based in Perth, Western Australia with over 15 years of expertise. From strategy to execution, I help businesses of all sizes – whether you’re seeking local Perth dominance, or broader national reach, I craft and execute custom SEO strategies that deliver meaningful results.

From complete strategy and implementation, to one-off optimisation exercises, to training internal teams to manage ongoing optimisation. I do the heavy-lifting, staying up-to-date, and working in-line with search engine best practices and terms of service.

The types of search engine optimisation services I provide include:

  • SEO Strategy: SEO strategy documents the process to be undertaken during initial, and on-going search engine optimisation. It provides full transparency of the work to be completed as well as providing a roadmap for results.
  • SEO Audits: Comprehensive on and off-page search engine optimisation auditing. Audits inform the actions required to form a plan of action to fully optimise a website for improved rankings, and in-turn, search engine traffic.
  • Keyword Research: Undertaking extensive keyword research for use in search engine optimisation. Utilising multiple tools including, Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, and question-based search query keyword tools. Data extracted includes query search volume, difficulty,
  • SEO Fundamentals: Titles, metas, image alt tags, content optimisation, website and URL structure, internal and external links etc.
  • Technical SEO: XML Sitemaps, schema markup, site security, page speed, responsive / mobile device optimisation etc.
  • Local SEO: Local business schema, Google MyBusiness, local listings, on-page optimisation, reputation monitoring etc.
  • Website Migrations: There are many SEO factors to consider when migrating a website, mess this up and you could lose all of your organic traffic!
  • Brand New Websites: The best way to launch a new web site is with SEO baked-in from the start.
  • Training / Guides: Custom training and SEO guides for those who want to know how to optimise additional new content going forward.

It all starts with a discovery call. We’ll work through a series of questions to understand your situation and objectives.

My Search Engine Optimisation Strategy Framework:

search engine optimisation process

In most cases I recommend starting by creating a custom and comprehensive SEO strategy which covers the following:

Objectives: The foundation of our strategy is setting clear goals, priorities, and time frames. I seek your input on search terms you think are important to rank for, who you believe are your main competitors in search, and exactly what do you hope to achieve – be it improved rankings, increased organic traffic, more sales / leads etc.

SEO Audit: An in-depth SEO audit is essential for understanding and baselining your site’s current situation. This comprehensive auditing process includes fundamental, technical, on and off-site factors to identify both strengths, and areas for improvement.

Competitor Analysis: By analysing your competitors’ we can uncover actionable insights and opportunities to differentiate and position your website more effectively.

Keyword Research: At the core of SEO success is understanding your audience, and the search queries they use. Comprehensive keyword research identifies high-potential keywords. This ensures that we focus our efforts on terms that will drive relevant traffic and align with user intent.

Content Strategy: Bases on the keyword research a content strategy is developed to optimise existing contend, or produce new content that not only appeals to your target audience but also adheres to search engine best practices, ensuring your content is visible and valuable.

Technical SEO: The technical aspects of your website play a crucial role in its visibility. Technical SEO factors such as site speed, security, mobile-friendliness, and structured data are reviewed to ensure search engines can crawl and index your site effectively.

Once complete the strategy provides a framework to execute data-driven search engine optimisation work.

Why Partner with Me for SEO Services?

  • Custom Strategy: I provide customised SEO strategies based on your situation and objectives
  • Expertise: Leveraging years of SEO experience and success, I bring deep insights and expertise
  • Collaborative Partnership: I value collaboration, working closely with you to ensure you’re informed and happy at all time

Ready to Improve Your Organic Search Ranking and Traffic? 


How do I choose which Freelance SEO Consultant to work with?

My recommendation is to spend a bit of time before making your decision. Ask around, do you have any business associates who can provide a recommendation for someone they’ve worked with? It’s also worth considering the online reputation and experience of any SEO freelancer you’re considering. Who have they worked with? What results have they achieved? Do they have believable testimonials on their site? Finally, give them a call and see if you’re on the same wave-length.

What does an SEO strategy include?

An SEO strategy is a comprehensive plan designed to improve your website’s visibility and rankings in search engine results. It typically includes technical SEO audits, keyword research, content strategy, on-page and off-page SEO tactics, and performance tracking metrics tailored to your website’s unique needs and objectives.

How do you tailor SEO strategies for different websites?

Every website is unique, necessitating a personalised approach. I begin by understanding your specific objectives, conducting a detailed SEO audit to identify opportunities and challenges. Based on this, I conduct targeted keyword research, develop a content strategy, and optimise both on-page and off-page elements. Continuous collaboration ensures the strategy remains aligned with your goals.

How do you ensure the strategy meets our objectives?

Through an initial in-depth discovery process and regular communication, I gain a deep understanding of your goals and challenges. This ensures that the developed SEO strategy is fully aligned with your objectives, with your final approval required before execution.

How is the success of the SEO strategy tracked?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are defined in the strategy phase, with success tracked through detailed analytics reports and dashboards. These include metrics relevant to your goals, such as search rankings, organic traffic, user engagement, and conversion rates, allowing for real-time adjustments and continual optimisation.

Ready for a strategic approach to Search Engine Optimisation?

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