Lead Generation Service

Fuel your sales pipleline with laser-targeted, pre-qualified leads

In today’s ultra competitive online landscape generating quality leads can make the difference in crushing your competitors or being left in the dust.

Over the years I’ve personally managed millions of dollars in ad spend for lead gen campaigns. I know first hand that you can easily waste thousands of dollars testing creative imagery, messaging, and offers, not to mention platforms, campaign types, and intricacies in audience targeting – before you even get to break even. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I can work with you, combining my deep knowledge and experience in lead generation advertising, with your knowledge of your ideal customer.

My recommended platforms for lead generation are primarily LinkedIn, Google Ads, and Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram). Of course this is highly dependent on your product and target audience, but the targeting options these platforms provide facilitate sniper rifle level targeting, and experimentation on steroids.

Typical Lead Generation Process:

lead generation process

  1. Strategy Development: I work with you to create a the strategy. We’ll cover everything including your product, value proposition, competitors, as well as ideate experiment plans for everything including platforms, offers, creative and landing pages. It’s all documented and agreed upon before you spend a cent on ads.
  2. Campaign Creation: Be it disruptive or search intent based advertising, I’ll harness the unique targeting of each platform to get your offer in front of your audience. Be they scrolling through Instagram or searching on Google, your irresistible offer will be front and center.
  3. Continuous Optimisation: No need to wait till the end of the campaign to pull the plug on a loser. The speed at which we gather and analyse data is faster than ever before enabling optimisation throughout the campaign life. By continuously monitoring, analysing, and optimising your campaign’s performance you’ll see iterative improvement.
  4. Analysis: Undertake a deep dive on the data gathered from campaigns. Identify and explore opportunities for experiments with different ad creatives, targeting options, and landing page designs to improve performance and reduce CPL.
  5. Evaluate and Scale: Scale best performing campaigns and design new experiments.

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How do online lead generation campaigns work?

These campaigns work by identifying and targeting potential customers based on their demographics, online behavior, interests, and search queries. They aim to capture the interest of these prospects through engaging content, offers, or ads, leading them to provide their contact information.

What kind of businesses can benefit from online lead generation services?

Virtually any business that values new, targeted leads as part of a sales pipeline can benefit, especially those in competitive markets where online search plays a crucial role in consumer decision-making.

Are online lead generation services suitable for local businesses?

Absolutely. Local businesses can benefit greatly from targeted ads to attract customers within their geographic area.

How much do lead generation services cost / how are they priced?

There are a number of ways lead generation can be priced.

One model functions in a pay per lead manner, where you pay a set price for each valid and accepted lead. There are some simple calculations that can help you determine how much you can pay for each lead while remaining profitable, based on your lead to sale conversion rate, and average profit per lead. One advantage of this model for businesses is that they don’t need to pay any advertising costs. They simply pay for valid leads.

The other common way is to pay a monthly retainer for management of your lead generation campaigns, as well as paying the advertising costs directly to the platforms. If you are expecting a large volume of leads this option may be beneficial.

Can I measure the ROI of online lead generation services?

Absolutely. I would not recommend any form of advertising where return on investment / ad spend is not trackable. Typically we formulate your profit per lead (be it with a dynamic value, or static average value) as part of your lead generation strategy. Profit per lead can then be automatically calculated in advertising platforms as well as manually calculated in necessary based on the number of leads generated, your profit per lead, minus your advertising costs.

What are the best advertising platforms for lead generation?

It depends on who your target audience, the sites they frequent, what they’re interested in, and what is likely to persuade them to convert.

Google Ads, Meta Ads, and LinkedIn Ads each offer lead generation campaign types which facilitate the collection of leads within their platforms. These often convert quite well as you are less dependent on your own landing page. However, you can still effectively drive traffic from any advertising network to a landing page, form, or funnel on your own site.

Ready to generate more leads for your business?

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