Research Review: Optimising SEO Strategy to Increase Visibility & Achievement of Marketing Goals

research paper optimising SEO strategy

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the importance of a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy cannot be overstated. As someone deeply immersed in the world of digital marketing, I’ve long believed in the power of SEO in elevating a brand’s online presence. Today, I want to share a research paper on SEO by Dewi Indriani Jusuf.

This research reaffirms the role of SEO in achieving marketing success and confirms that SEO strategies can significantly impact visibility, organic traffic, brand awareness, visitor numbers, and, crucially, sales conversions. The study’s qualitative descriptive approach sheds light on the internet as an indispensable platform for business activities, emphasising the need for companies to stand out through effective SEO implementation.

Title: Optimising SEO (Search Engine Optimising) Strategy to Increase Visibility and Achievement of Marketing Goals
: Dewi Indriani Jusuf
Method: Qualitative descriptive study
Outcomes: Website visibility, organic traffic, brand awareness, visitor numbers, sales conversions.

Summary: This research identifies and evaluates SEO strategies to enhance visibility and achieve marketing goals. It highlights the internet’s role as a critical platform for business activities, stressing the necessity for companies to distinguish themselves through effective SEO. The qualitative approach adopted shows that a well-implemented SEO strategy can significantly boost a website’s visibility and organic traffic, contributing to heightened brand awareness, increased visitor numbers, and potential sales conversions. The study underscores the importance of ethical practices and adherence to search engine guidelines as a means to leverage SEO for strengthening digital marketplace positions, creating customer trust, and ensuring long-term marketing success.

Conclusion: In optimising SEO strategies to increase visibility and achieve marketing goals, it is important for companies to choose SEO service providers who have experience and a good track record in achieving the desired results. An emphasis on ethical practices and methods according to search engine guidelines, as well as obtaining regular, transparent reports on campaign progress, are important factors in ensuring the success of an SEO strategy. Additionally, considering the cost of services and evaluating the packages offered by SEO service providers helps companies in ensuring that their investment is commensurate with the value provided in the long run.

By paying attention to these aspects, companies can harness the power of SEO to attract quality organic traffic, increase brand awareness, and expand their market share in an increasingly competitive digital environment. Thus, choosing the right SEO service provider committed to best practices is an important step in achieving digital marketing success and long-term business growth.

Key Takeaway: Effective SEO strategies can significantly increase a website’s visibility, organic traffic, brand awareness, visitor numbers, and potential for increased sales conversions.

Citation: Jusuf, D. I. (2023, November 13). Optimizing SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) Strategy to Increase Visibility and Achievement of Marketing Goals. Lead Journal of Economy and Administration, 2(2), 98–103.

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