What’s New in Google Analytics 4? (GA4)

In this video I go over some of the major changes from Universal Analtyics to Google Analytics 4, especially in comparison to Universal Analytics, including:

  • An entirely new analytics platform (Universal Analytics is ~10 years old)
  • Event-based measurement model (vs pageview)
  • Unified web and mobile analytics; cross device & cross platform tracking
  • Advanced User Identification: multiple methods to identify or dedupe unique users, some degree of cookieless tracking
  • Roll-up and sub-properties
  • Machine learning / predictive capabilities
  • Automated tracking of common events via Enhanced Measurement
  • Enhanced privacy controls – country-level privacy controls, easier data deletion
  • New dimensions / metrics, for example engagement metrics such as engaged sessions, engagement rate, engagement time
  • Previously paid features now made free: Connection to BigQuery, Explorations etc

The countdown to Universal Analytics Sunset, on July 1, 2023 is on, make sure you don’t leave upgrading to GA4 to the last minute!

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